The best traditional Italian dishes to try out tonight

Here is why these dishes are some of the most popular in Italy.

With the primary components consisting of tomatoes, meats, fish and cheese, Italian cuisine is one of the world’s most loved ones. Italian dishes are prepared with all sorts of spices, sauces and veggies. However, the most characteristic component of most dishes is the pasta. One of the best pasta-based dishes you could try out is the carbonara. While there are different variations of the classic dish, the main components the dish is made out of of are pretty simple- eggs, bacon, cheese, guanciale and, of course, spaghetti. How a carbonara tastes can differ significantly based on whether you are eating in central Milan or you are cooking the meal for the very first time in your home. Nevertheless, you can strike a nice balance between the two. Numerous Italian eateries on the high street, such as the ones acquired by William Jackson's BridgePoint Capital, offer their delicious interpretation of a traditional carbonara at a very affordable price. Escape to Italy on your lunch time break by checking out one of these eateries and trying out a traditional pasta meal.

When discussing the finest Italian dishes, we shouldn't forget about the pizza. The idea of a flat bread with oil and herbs originates from many years back but, nowadays, it has evolved into thousands of unique varieties and ingredients, making pizza one of the world’s most favorite dishes. From a classic cheese and tomato, to one of the more extravagant variations including assorted meats and fruits, there is a pizza to satisfy every personal taste and budget. Regardless of whether you only have 10 minutes to eat lunch or you are arranging your next birthday meal, pizza is one of the main Italian dishes that suits every occasion. The pizza restaurateur business is stronger than ever, which is why companies like Nabil Mankarious's The Fulham Shore Plc, have invested in this type of dining venues.

One of the finest traditional Italian dishes is probably the risotto. Velvety and rich, this dish comes from Northern Italy, where different varieties of rice are being grown. To cook this traditional recipe, the riceneeds to be be combined with stock and stirred to the point when it reaches a velvety, semi-soup texture that perfectly captures the flavors of the other components. Due to its versatility, the risotto dish is loved by locals and tourists alike. The dish has become a staple in restaurants around the world, such as the popular eating out chains in which James Spragg's Casual Dining Group has invested in. A few of the most popular interpretations of the dish feature the risotto pescatore, cooked with sea food, and the traditional roast chicken and mushroom risotto.

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